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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 5, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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♪ in other words ♪ i love you . shop and sadness at the
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university of v.a. -- shock and sadness at the university of virginia. police reveal two key pieces of evidence inside the alleged killer's home. i'm shawn yancy. i'm brian bolter. thousands turned out to remember uva lacrosse player yeardley love. her ex-boyfriend has confessed to killing her in her bedroom but claims it was an accident. >> reporter: when this vigil ended tonight, a lot of people sat still. no one moved for several minutes. it was just dead silence. they were here to celebrate yeardley love's life but there were also a lot of expresses of anger at her accused killer. the senior class president said this has been a disturbing, confusing and a heart wrenching
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three days. a teary tribute to yeardley love. the university of virginia campus still realing from her murder just days ago came together to mourn. >> we are greatly distraught and unsettled to have lost yeardley in such a tragic, violent and haunting manner. >> reporter: her lacrosse teammates who described her as an angel are battling their grief but plan to play on in the national turnment. it was a -- tournament. it was a decision the athletic director said love's family encouraged. >> yeardley would have been pond for this kind of attention -- have been po'ed for this kind of attention. >> reporter: they remembered love not for how she died but how she lived. >> it's amazing that everyone came together like this during such a stressful time and we
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can all grieve together. >> she was a true blessing to those who knew her. she was a wonderful and irreplaceable part of this community. >> reporter: er ex-boyfriend george hiewgley remains -- huguely remains in jail. police recovered a red stained jersey from his apartment and a letter to love. he said he repeatedly beat her head against the wall leaving her in a pool of blood. the campus is coping as best they can but the university says there's no protocol for something like this yeardley love did nothing to deserve to be attacked and beaten, to deserve to die. >> reporter: tonight the university is also responding to news of huguely's conviction in lexington, virginia back in 2008 for resisting arrest and public intoxication and swearing. an officer there said she had
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to taser him after huguely got abusive and threatened her life. and coming up at 11:00, why the university says they didn't know anything about it. the funeral arrangements for yeardley love are now complete. the viewing will be held friday afternoon and evening up in towson, maryland. the funeral will be saturday morning at 10:00 at the cathedral of mary our queen in baltimore. another big story we're following tonight. a fight between two teenagers ended with one shooting a gun on board a packed metro bus in the middle of rush hour. it happened in the 1800 block of minnesota avenue southeast. fox 5's bob barnard is live on the scene tonight with the details. bob? >> reporter: shawn, it happened right here on this road. we're told the teenager who brought the gun on the bus was talking trash, looking for trouble, got into a fight and when he started to lose, he pulled the gun and shot the other teen. this is the metro bus that became a crime scene during the
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evening commute heading south along minnesota avenue just after 5:00. >> we didn't know what was getting on. we were standing there. we saw the commotion but we didn't know what it was all about. >> reporter: d.c. police say what happened on this bus between rival youngsters could have been deadly. metro police saying the bus was packed, as many as 30 riders on board. >> there was a dispute that broke out on the bus between these two groups and at some point one of the kids in one of the groups pulled out a gun and shot another kid. >> reporter: he's a 17-year- old, the bullet blasting through his forearm and through his chest. only one shot was fired. >> there was a police officer right around the corner literally and got her quickly and gave chase to the suspect. >> reporter: but only briefly. the teen got away but the gun was recovered about a block away. police finding it in a back alley garbage can. it's a handgun perhaps with fingerprints that could help investigators find the shooter. >> it's despicable.
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it's just wrong. >> reporter: george willis livers in the neighborhood with his two young children. >> it's sick and i lived in d.c. all my life and it's just sad. >> it makes you wonder how many other guns are on buses with young people when they don't go off, when nobody does pull one. >> i wouldn't want to guess that number. >> reporter: in this case the gun has been recovered and police say they think they know who brought it on the metro bus. the teen victim is in the hospital tonight. we're told he is alert and talking, says he didn't know the other young man who shot him. the bullet we're told is still lodged in his back. it didn't penetrate any vital organs, clearly lucky to be alive. >> indeed. bob barnard reporting live tonight. thank you. a dhat line may have led to a robbery in prince william county, virginia. investigators want to know if you think this man -- take a look they say he held up a victim or he met up with the victim. the victim got into the car with the suspect and another
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manual. they took him to a street and robbed him at gunpoint. the warning from police still ahead tonight. more new developments are unraveling in the times square bomb plot investigation. tonight we're learning what the suspect is saying about why he did it. investigators say when they pulled faisal shahzad off the plane, the first thing he said was what took you so long. will thomas standing by in the newsroom to break down the new details. >> reporter: the new information is just starting to fill in the blanks. investigators think shahzad worked alone in the u.s. this surveillance video has surfaced connecting him to the crime. he was seen wearing a white baseball cap walking away from the smoking suv if times square. and there is footage where he bought fireworks investigators recovered from the suv. dad dad is still talking, still cooperating according to investigator -- faisal shahzad is still talking, still cooperating according to
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investigators even after reading him his miranda rights which allows him to remain silent. >> we were lucky and i think it was good police work. >> reporter: so what motivated shahzad? investigators say he told them he was angry over c.i.a. missile strikes in pakistan and he feared for his family's safety if he didn't do it. shahzad's wife and two children are in pakistan. the attempted bombing not only failed, it was considered amateur at best. a search of the suv revealed he failed to turn on the propane tanks. the fertilizer wasn't the grade that could have produced a massive explosion, and the fuse was made from firecrackers with no real firepower. they were purchased for about a hundred bucks in a small northeastern pennsylvania town back in march and security cameras caught shahzad. >> it was lucky he picked this store and the reason i say that is because of the sow
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sophisticated front end computer system and the surveillance system. i'm not sur too many other fireworks stores have sophisticated equipment as we do and we were able to button this thing down and help the authorities. >> reporter: shahzad was on the no fly list but still got on the plane and now just days later, the government is ordering changes for the nation's airlines. they're now required to check no fly lists two hours after they're told of changes shortening the previous window of 24 hours. another late breaking development tonight crossing the wires. the associated press is quoting sources telling them shahzad did a test run three days before the attempted bombing. live in the newsroom, i'm will thomas. brian, back to you. >> faisal shahzad bought his gun six weeks ago according to the general accounting office. in the last six years only 10% of the people on the watch list who applied for a gun got rejected. it's called the terror gap.
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today michael bloomberg came to the hill to talk about how to close it and it sparked debate over gun rights. >> he can't have a gun or she can't have a gun. they may be about to go out and try to kill some americans. >> we're talking about a second amendment right and some of the people pushing this out there also pushing the idea of banning handguns. >> the hearing was scheduled before the attempted bombing in times square. mayor bloomberg says the incident made his testimony today even more important. take a good look at these pictures. do you know this man? prince george's county police are looking for him. they say he robbed at least two banks. he hit a bb&t in upper marlboro april 126789 he implied he had a weapon and pass add note demanding cash. police believe it's the same guy who held up a sun trust in largo. stunning allegations leveled against a local coach. what police say he's been doing for years. plus, bodies piled 12 feet high found inside this funeral home. the owner has something surprising to say. all eyes on the developing
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story in the gulf. we'll have an update. we had a beautiful wednesday around d.c. temperatures still in the 80s but humidity nice and low. i'm watching some thunderstorms up near the great lakes. is that going to be in our area tomorrow? i'll have that forecast. we also have this story coming up. this expensive caviar is really just cheap fish eggs. what these two teens can teach you about lying labels just ahead. hahe3q
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the news force in virginia tonight. a soccer coach is of the unthinkable. police say this man repeatedly committed sex crimes against one child and police believe there could be more victims. fox 5's wisdom martin is working the story from the newsroom tonight. >> reporter: arlington police are talking to potential victims who played soccer for the coach. investigators say coaching soccer is how he got access to
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the one victim he's accused of assaulting for several years. >> he actually was a coach, our coach. >> reporter: carlos garcia says louis hoil coached him for one year. he said even back then his relationship with some of the players was questionable. >> he had little tendencies of buying some of the kids stuff and sometimes like take them to his house. >> reporter: from 1998 to 2003hoil coached soccer for the crystal city soccer club. they came from oak ridge elementary and gunston school. >> we were walking up to oak ridge, me and my friend, and we saw him with like four, five kids playing soccer by the oak ridge playground and they were the only ones up there. we told the brother to come along because we didn't want him to be there. >> reporter: then tuesday, seven years after coaching that soccer club, arlington police arrested him at his home. >> i was delivering man and i
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saw two guys in an suv watching down here with the binoculars. as i proceed up the street, that's when i so you the can voice of police and they just swarmed on his house. >> reporter: the charge? forceable sodomy. investigators say the 47-year- old arlington resident sexually assaulted at least one juvenile male. they say the assault happened several times to the same young man between 1999 and 2001. >> when i saw the picture, i called my friend because he had a younger brother. >> reporter: it's a conversation a lot of current and former crystal city soccer players could soon be having with investigators as they figure out just how many other victims may be out there. >> we're concerned about him because he was a soccer coach for a number of years in arlington, and came into contact with numerous other juveniles. and we want victims to come forward. >> reporter: tonight the suspect is being held without bond. investigators think there is a pattern here because this abuse
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occurred over a long period of time to the same young man. sean? >> wisdom martin live in the newsroom. thank you. a virginia soccer coach is charged with assault for roughing up two referees at a middle school soccer game. police say jason atkins chest bumped the 16-year-old ref over a penalty kick. then grabbed the teenager by his shirt. police then say he turned to the second ref, broke his sunglass, shoved him and grabbed him by the neck. the refs we're told are both okay. a horrible discovery inside a maryland funeral home. at least 40 bodies piled up like trash. got to warn you the details of this case are disturbing and the fallout is just beginning. fox 5's beth parker with the news force on maryland. >> reporter: you can still see the heat rising above chambers crematorium. that's outside. harry close has seen pictures of what it looked like inside. >> individuals in body bags stacked on top of each other. body fluids.
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the body does break down after a while. it was on the floors. the individuals working there were stepping in it and then going into the public area. >> reporter: as president of the maryland state board of morticians and funeral directors, he signed a document that forced the business to shut down this coming friday. back on april 26 an inspector from the state paid a visit to the business. she saw a, quote, "large pile of bodies" perhaps 40 but the owner referenced as many as 60 cadavers. they were stacked 12 feet high and there was a pungent odor. neighbors say they never noticed any trouble. >> surprised. i didn't know that. >> reporter: the body had been there five or six days. most were cadavers that had been used in anatomy classes at georgetown university's school of medicine. people who had selflessly donated their bodies to research. >> these professionals should be dealing with the dignity of someone entrusting their dearest loved one. it might not be someone's father or mother but it's
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someone's child. >> reporter: it is severing its ties with the crematorium. the dean said the school of medicine has a deep commitment to the sacred trust of our donors and their families. the school of medicine's contract with the chambers funeral home specifically outlines the school's requirements that the remains be treated in a respectful and organized manner. it appears that this was not the case in this instance. thomas chambers tells fox 5 the company wants to stay in business. >> we are terribly sorry for this situation that has occurred. we have completed our agreement with the medical school. we did make a slight error in judgment. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the state is shutting down the nunn recall home but can't shut down the crematorium. the governor just signed a law this week that allows the state to regulate crematoriums. it doesn't take effect until october 31. a man hit by a train in montgomery county survived.
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investigators say the 55-year- old was knocked down a 150-foot ravine when the train hit him near bent willow circle. they had to hoist him up with a rope. we're told he's badly hurt but is expected to recover. it's not clear why he was on the tracks. violence erupted in greece today and the financial crisis there turned deadly. athens exploded as tens of thousands of people took to the streets. they tried to storm parliament. demonstrators set several buildings on fierks including a bank in which three people were killed. greek workers are upset about a plan to cut state salary pensions but add new taxes. they say it is necessary in order to avoid bankruptcy. president obama plans to make good on a campaign promise to overhaul immigration. the promise made the comments at a sin company today maya -- cinco de mayo celebration at the white house. mr. obama denounced arizona's tough new immigration law citing it as a reason to take
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action on immigration legislation. dozens of sea turmingtses are turning up -- turmingtses are turning up -- turtles are turning up dead along louisiana's coast but oil may have little to do with it. e
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[ beeping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring
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♪ let's catch you up on the developing story in the gulf of mexico. tonight a ship is on its way to the site of the wrecked rig with a giant containment box to try and cap the leak at the bottom of the gulf. oil is already washing up on shore. as louisiana officials work to keep the disaster from turning into a long-term catastrophe. brandon todd is live in venice, louisiana with the very latest. >> reporter: a fisherman has already spotted a sheen of oil just a few miles out. now local, federal and state officials are all stepping it up to try and protect america's wetlands from what they describe is almost certain destruction. for the first time since the
10:25 pm
oil rig explosion two weeks ago, the u.s. fish and wildlife service is loading up boats to go search for animals that may be covered in the oil that continues to gush into the gulf. >> this is a very unusual oil spill for us. they're all different but we've never had one that was so big that sat out there like this looming thing and at the mercy of the winds and currents. >> reporter: the boats are being drishen by local fishermen who know the bayou well and have seen the oil sheen drifting toward their marsh lands. today during a visit to venice, louisiana, governor bobby jindal delivered the bad news. forecasts indicate the path the oil is likely to take is west of the mouth of the mississippi thus right into the heart of this region's oyster, shrimp and fish beds. >> let's make no mistake about it. this leaking oil has the potential to absolutely jeopardize louisiana's way of life. >> this is venice right here on this map. we're about 35 miles from the mouth of the mississippi river. currently the oil is to the southeast of the river.
10:26 pm
and the forecast models have it bringing it to the west and wrapping around the mississippi river delta. >> reporter: there was also a greater sense of urgency to get this boat out to sea. it's designed to anchor out near the spill. it was loaded up with special cotton booms made to soak up the oil on top of the water. workers sprayed down oily booms used to hold the underwater contamination in check and readied them to be used again. it was described today as their last line of defense. the boat that you saw was expected to be put in place by sometime this evening. it's one of several they hope to establish out in the gulf over the next several days. >> brandon todd live tonight in venice, louisiana. federal authorities are now trying to find out what's killing endangered sea turtles in the gulf. at least 35 have washed up on shore. investigators are looking into whether the oil or shrimp boaters eager to maximize their catch ahead of the oil spill are to blame. so far no signs of oil have been linked to their deaths. what could the labels
10:27 pm
you're reading in the supermarket be lying to you? fox 5 uncovers what really is in some of the most popular foods that the labels aren't telling you about. years in the making. the d.c. streetcars are finally here but one thing is keeping them from hitting the roads. plus, a country music star on the verge of killing herself. the secret she's revealing tonight. [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands. soak our yards in color. get our hands a little busier. our dollars a little stronger. and our thinking a little greener. let's grab all the bags and all the plants and all the latest tools out there. so we can turn all these savings into more colorful shades of doing. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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do you really know what's in your refrigerator? a couple of teenagers are working on a science pro -- project and found out you might not. >> reporter: they're just teenagers but they may have you questioning the food you see every day in the grocery aisles. >> we hope that some regulatory agency looks into this. >> reporter: they never dreamed their high school science
10:31 pm
project would wind up exposing a major problem with food labels. the kids tested 66 food items, many of which you can find in your refrigerator and they found 11 were mislabeled. we're talking about everything from caviar to cheese, even dog food. >> one out of six food products is inaccurately labeled, you better think twice. >> reporter: so how did two teenagers end up exposing food labels that lie. it started with a science project at the trinity school in new york city. their teacher had them team up with scientists from the rockefeller university and the american museum of natural history. the objective? just to see if they could extract d.n.a. from a bunch of samples they took from around the house, like feather from a duster, hair from a brush and stuff sitting in their frig. all the samples went to the american museum of natural history where this machine played a key role. >> the practical tool which will be useful in making the world a safer, more honest place. >> reporter: honest is right. it's a high-tech machine that
10:32 pm
can take a sample of just about anything, analyze it and spit out its scientific d.n.a. in a barcode. and every species on the planet has its own unique d.n.a. barcode. >> they can over the internet actually match that barcode to any of the barcodes that are available in the bowl database. >> reporter: it has more than 65,000 identifications. when you get a match, it tells you exactly what you sampled. >> an accurate match is a hundred percent certain. >> reporter: the barcode from this feather plucked out of a duster revealed it was ostrich. the hair in that brush was human but the dog food that was labeled as venison which is deer meat wasn't deer at all. d.n.a. proved it was actually cow. in the frig human food didn't do very well. >> your refrigerator is actuazoo. that's what matt and brendan have proven.
10:33 pm
>> this came back with cow d.n.a. which means it came from cow's milk. >> reporter: the expense ef caviar they sampled was labeled sturgeon but it was just cheap fish from a mississippi paddle fish. the u.s. food and drug administration, the agency that oversees food labels says it does use d.n.a. to test certain types of fish. that's to make sure it was really what the label claims. sometimes they catch lies on the liables too. >> if -- on the labels too. >> if a company has proven through scientific research to have mislabeled something, their name goes on this list. so then every time that company brings that product into the country, it gets double checked so it's actually a pretty big deal. >> reporter: dr. jonathan deeds is a research biologist with the fda. he says the agency does testing to solve food poisoning cases and also to prevent companies from importing mislabeled seafood into the u.s. >> i do know of several cases where our evidence has been used to place firms on the fda
10:34 pm
import alert list. >> reporter: the doctor says the d.n.a. testing they do on some fish could one day expand to include other foods found in your refrigerator. tisha thompson, fox a news. >> fda can issue fines against companies for lying on labels. to read more about that science project, go to our website now to a consumer alert tonight for hummer owners. g.m. is recalling 160,000 83s. it affects 29 thousand 6 to 2010 model year vehicles. there's concern the hood could detach while driving. g.m. says dealers will use at thesive to repair the device that keeps the hood closed. owners will be contacted next week. from the roads to the tacks, d.c. is rolling out a new way to get around town. after a 50-year hiatus, streetcars are making a comeback but the modern trolley cars won't be hitting the road right away. john henrehan is taking a closer look at the roadblock. >> for months the people who live and work around h street
10:35 pm
in northeast washington have had to put up with roadway construction as crews lay down the tracks for a new d.c. streetcar system. the track portion along benning road is mostly done. another line is under construction, anacostia. not everyone in the affected neighborhoods is wild about the return of trolleys. >> we don't need streetcars. that's why i don't agree with it. i don't think we need streetcars. >> in terms of businesses, i'm a bit concerned about that because parking is going to be a hassle. >> reporter: well, the decision has been made and the streetcars are coming. d.c. mayor adrian fenty showed off one of the big modern trolley cars the city has purchased from a european manufacturer. there are 12 seats in the front end of the car and 12 more in the rear compartment. but there are only six seats in the large midsection of the car. that's to accommodate a lot of standees. on a very crowded day this single streetcar can carry 162
10:36 pm
passengers. the three cars already purchased will be powered by overhead wires, but most of d.c.'s old streetcars which stopped running in 1962 were powered through a middle rail below the street. that was to accommodate an 1888 congressional mandate to keep overhead wires out of the monumental part of the city. you can still see that third underground power rail in some abandoned streetcar tracks in georgetown. the next generation of cars will likely be hybrids running with and without overhead wires. portland area congressman says his city's system has been a magnet for development. >> we've had over $3 billion along our streetcar line. >> reporter: mayor fenty and d.c. council members are hoping the same kind of development will happen along the eight streetcar lines they are planning for washington, d.c. john henrehan, fox 5 news. a convicted killer making an unusual career change.
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police took down an armed carjacking suspect along the banks of the oregon river. the suspect jumped in the water trying to escape. watch him there. he struggles a little bit to stay afloat. well, eventually he thought that wasn't a good idea. he climbed back out and came face to face with an officer. the suspect reached for something in his waist band forcing the cop to taser him. once the man was on the ground,
10:41 pm
the officer pulled the gun from the man's waistband. police say it's not the man's first run-in with the law. the masterpiece is now the most valuable painting ever to come to auction. it sold for a record $1.6 million. the painting belonged to the estate of a california art pay ton. part of the money from the sale will help support a library and art gallery. he spent nearly 30 years behind bars but prosecutors now admit he's not their man. his first interview since being freed coming up. plus, this is not your ordinary safeway. we're talking about a wine cellular and even a view from the balcony. we're taking you inside next. >> sounds like it's going to be a real hot spot. d.c. ought to be pretty warm too. looks like we're headed for another day in the 80s but will we have to dodge any showers or thunderstorms? we'll have your updated
10:42 pm
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georgetown's social safeway is set to open to the public tomorrow. it's larger, greener and extremely lux sour just. -- luxurious. tonight they were dancing inned aisles for an invitation only gala. >> reporter: it was the party in georgetown with champagne popping and even a jazz band. hundreds gathered to welcome the newest, fanciest resident, the sorry safeway is back on the market. >> this is absolutely fabulous. and congratulations to safeway. they pulled it off in a year. >> this is just fabulous. we live in georgetown and we've had to go to the suburbs. we had to go to maryland and virginia to do a lot of our shopping for an entire year. >> reporter: it was a bash to
10:46 pm
welcome back that old neighbor which left to get a facelift and increase in size. >> i was blown away. it is much more than i anticipated. >> reporter: from windowless to glamorous and 71,000 square feet of luxury, it's been a year in building. only in georgetown to people dress up in gowns to take pictures next to the eggs. >> this is a place where you run into all your neighbors and you just catch up with people in the aisles. it's definitely an important part of the neighborhood. >> reporter: this is not just a place to shop for the wealthy and politically powerful who live here. it's once again a place to meet and greet, especially for the young and single. >> it's definitely impressive. it's large and i think that i've seen like increased quality of the products, especially the cheese section. >> reporter: with its walk-in wine cellar with 2500 bottles, a sushi bar and cheese maker,
10:47 pm
it may seem like it's over the top with an indoor-outdoor terrace and fireplace but for those who live here, it's a slice of home with catering of course. >> i think this is always going to be the social safeway. it's just about eight times, ten times bigger. >> reporter: in georgetown, roby chavez, fox 5 news. the wicked weather down south has now killed more than two dozen people. 18 in tennessee alone and much of downtown nashville is still under water. the cumberland river is beginning to recede but heavy flooding has already led to a shortage of clean water and power outages. it's also quieted nashville's acclaimed honky tompgs. -- tonks. not water but ash from the iceland volcano is still causing travel trouble. tens of thousands of passengers are stranded and the new wave of ash is threatening to spill into england's air space.
10:48 pm
eruptions last month canceled more than 100,000 flights because the ash cloud over europe threatened air travel safety. a beautiful day here at home good gorgeous day here at home. >> we're getting a pass. this week has been fantastic. tomorrow is great too. the only thing we're watching tomorrow there could be an isolated shower or storm in the afternoon, mainly east of d.c. improvement for the weekend, though. >> love the sound of that. >> those are the two big headlines. let's get you started with a look outside. it is a beautiful night. temperatures still in the 70s. 74 is 2 degrees above average for the day. average high is 72 degrees. so we're looking for another warm one again tomorrow. but again maybe briefly interrupted as mentioned by a frontal system passing on through. a live look at the national cathedral tonight. now we check out our weather headlines to give you an idea of what you should expect the next couple of days. there is a weak front that will be moving across the area. most of us will not see any showers. a little bit of cloud cover in the afternoon but there is a possibility of a spotty shower
10:49 pm
or storm, especially around and east of interstate 95 we believe or around the bay. that would be in the afternoon. right now we think the weekend is looking drier. friday in particular. still might be something saturday but not a washout. then when we get into sunday and even saturday afternoon, we're going to start noticing cooler air coming in, especially for mother's day. temperatures may only max out in the mid- to upper 60s. so you get a break from the air conditioning, a real refreshing day coming up. another warm one today. up to 83 degrees at reagan and dulles. bwi81 degrees. our temperature trend well show you we're head -- we are inoue will show you we're headed right back to 83 degrees. friday about 80 degrees. i think most of friday is going to be completely dry. if we see something overnight into saturday and maybe the first half of saturday in the form of some showers because we goarg to have a stronger front coming on saturday and it brings in the cooler air for sunday with a temperature of 67 degrees for mother's day. right now 74 in d.c. 68
10:50 pm
manassas. a pleasant night. humidity is in check and it's mostly clear out there. but i'll show you on satellite and radar while we don't see much in the way of cloud cover or showers here, we don't have to travel too far, just up to the north to find the frontal system that's going to cross us tomorrow. pretty ripe with thunderstorms just ahead of it. now, we believe that's really going to run out of a lot of gas as it comes across the region tomorrow. any time you have a trigger and temperatures are in the low 80s, we'll have to watch that for tomorrow afternoon. tonight just a few clouds. mid and upper 50s in the suburbs. about 66 degrees downtown. the breeze is going to pick up tomorrow afternoon out of the northwest at 10 to 20 after that front goes by. it will be warm certainly and again that isolated chance for a shower or storm, especially south and east of d.c. so the big headlines for tomorrow not the showers and storms but the fact that it will be a warm and breezy and pretty pleasant day. by noon 79 degrees. by 4:00 that's the time frame where we may see something popping up as the front is
10:51 pm
crossing our region. max hd futurecast, want to show you it's lining up nicely hat w considering this is a prediction of the future. we watch our front slide on through. at 5:00 it should be clear of d.c. might produce a couple of showers here and there out ahead of it mostly to the east. most of friday looking good. sunshine is back but watch what happens as we get later into friday and saturday the front swings on through. all indications are there will not be a lot of shower activity with it. cooler air will definitely be rolling into town and temperatures will be dropping as a result of that. watch for the front tomorrow but i really don't think it's going to be anything that will attribute to any kind of a washout. here's your five-day forecast. feast your eyes on the nice warm temperatures and dropping temperatures as we go through the week. 80 degrees on friday. we're going to take the rain out of friday. saturday we don't even put anything on, although i would not be shocked if there was a brief shower but the models are trending much drier for saturday. so if we have a dry frontal passage, you'll still notice
10:52 pm
the temperatures dropping and sunday for mother's day, of 67 degrees. we're on a nice roll. we're about 3 inches below normal in terms of rainfall. most of march and april have been pretty dry. >> all that snow doesn't count? >> believe it or not even with all the snow because the ratio is so high. it's still not tilting us in the heavier than normal rainfall pattern -- water pattern. >> thank you, sue. the original american idol still the most successful. has named kelly clarkson the top graduate from idol. she sold more than ten million albums and nearly 16 million singles. carrie underwood comes in second with 11 and a half million albums. chris daughtrey was ranked the third most successful. singer shelly wright calls herself proud to be the first country music artist to come publicly -- come out publicly about being gay. she decided to come out because she didn't want to feel like
10:53 pm
she was being dishonest. >> one of the things my fans have always said about me is we love shelly because she's so real. and when they say that and when they said that, it -- i've never been able to fully enjoy that because there's a bit of me that has felt, you know, i've been lying by omission. >> she admits she is worried about the reaction from nashville. a health alert tonight about a link between sleep problems in children and autism disorders and behavioral problems. a recent study found kids who experience nightmares, night tremors and sleep walking had more behavior problems overall. researchers say a better understanding of the link between sleep problems and daytime behavior could lead to better treatments. drinking alcohol after having a heart attack may be good for you. a new study links health benefits to moderate drinking after having a heart attack. the results mirror other studies that found there are
10:54 pm
health benefits to moderate drinking, particularly red wine. the positive effects do not extend to heavy drinkers or people who don't drink at all. phone chat lines leading to dangerous and even deadly situations. coming up next on the news edge at 11:00, the latest local victim targeted with technology. plus, caught on camera. cops storm a movie set with guns drawn. find out why they came close to shooting an innocent actor. the streaking nats looking to make it two in a row against the braves. hello, everyone. i'm stephen strasburg. i just moved to syracuse. i'm looking for a few friends and a place to spend millions. what he had to say coming up on the news edge at 11:00. (announcer) we're in the energy business.
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but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital- for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron. there's a new 24-hour heartburn formula. it's called zegerid otc-- that has both prescription strength medicine and a special ingredient to allow its powerful medicine to be quickly absorbed. zegerid otc. discover the difference.
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10:57 pm
a moment of joy for an ohio man who spent 29 years in prison.
10:58 pm
he walked out of a courtroom today a free man. d.n.a. evidence proved he did not kidnap and rape an 11-year-old girl. he's been in prison since 19816789 he said he prayed and hoped for years this day would finally come and he's not angry about losing all those years of freedom. >> well, you just got to do what you've got to do. i mean, these people got a job to do, you know what i mean? evidently a crime was committed. i've got to respect that they would try the best that they could do. >> now prosecutors are hoping the same technology that cleared him will help them find the person who actually committed the crime. a convicted killer is running for sheriff in massachusetts but the victim's family is spreading the word making sure everyone knows exactly who they're voting for. fox-- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: they are outraged about one man's latest bid to become suffolk county sheriff.
10:59 pm
in dudley square his banner defaced with the words "killer." back in 1988 when smith was just 16, he was convicted of gunning down their brother and son on a roxbury street. >> he came from behind a car and shot him. he continued to shoot at anybody who tried to help my brother. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: well after serving his time, smith went on at one point to become a corrections officer. the family says he tried to become a police officer as well. they say he in no way deserves the title of sheriff adding in more than 20 years sin the crime, he hasn't even apologized to them. >> how can you correct somebody else's wrong when you haven't corrected your own? >> reporter: speaking by phone smith only asked us what the family had to say about him. he had his campaign manager call us back and declined an interview. she did tell us the reason smith is running is because of his past, to preven


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